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The Alkyon Hotel values the health and safety of our guests and employees, so we have undertaken, and developed strict hygiene protocol and regulations in order to create a healthy and safe environment. Starting from check in, and the entire duration of your stay, guests will be welcomed by trained staff using appropriate equipment and following all mandatory protocols.
We would appreciate guests to comply with all COVID 19 health regulations according to protocols applied by the local authorities and the World Health Organization.

The following measures have been implemented for the safety of all guests and employees.


Dedicated covid 19 trained staff.
Procedures and protocols in place in case of a guest infection.
Quarantine rooms available
Room service will be provided to quarantine rooms.


Hand sanitizer dispenser will be available in various hotel areas
Daily service will operate normally.
Guests are requested to vacate their rooms during housekeeping.
Daily deep cleansing of high contact areas such as door handles, switches, fittings and furnishings.
Rooms will be sanitized with a aerial surface disinfection machine.
When possible, we will allow a 24 hours gap between the room that has checked out to the room checking in, even though our cleaning and sanitizing protocols ensure a “Coronavirus – Free” room without the 24 hours gap
All paper material found in the room will be removed, and hotel directory and information will be available at the reception Desk.
All indoor spaces will be thoroughly disinfected.
A/C Air ducts, filters and grills will be disinfected upon each arrival, room change and departure.
Use of industry cleaning disinfectants and protocol for each guest room and public area..


  • Public areas will undergo rigorous disinfections with attention to high contact areas.
  • Social distancing will be applied in all areas for guest and staff safety.
  • Areas will be operated at reduced capacity to ensure social distancing
  • Guests are requested to use hand sanitizers upon entry and exit of public toilets.
  • Guests are required to observe and follow the mandatory elevator guidelines.
  • Non residence are not permitted on the premises.


  • Where possible contactless service
  • Physical distancing with floor signs
  • One-way systems to control traffic in order to avoid guests bumping on to one another
  • Polycarbonate shields installation between guests and associates while providing services


  • Temperature checks will be taken upon arrival
  • Guests are required to maintain distances as applied by the signage.
  • Check in will be provided with safe distancing by staff wearing PPE.
  • Staff will frequently deep cleanse and disinfect all equipment in reception including room cards, POS and high touch surfaces.
  • Uniforms, masks, and gloves will be changed regularly.
  • Hands free sanitization stations will be available.


  • Check out will be made in advance of departure, keeping all social distancing measures.


  • During meals food will be displayed on a buffet style.
  • All food will be served to guests by staff wearing appropriate PPE.
  • All employees have receive up to date Covid PPE training.
  • Distance apply between each table for safe distancing
  • Guests are required to sanitize their hands before and after leaving the restaurant.
  • One family per table to dine any one time. Max 6 pax aloud
  • Restaurants will be operating if needed ,on limited entrance and on reduced capacity to ensure social distancing.
  • Set dinning times will apply if required to ensure social distancing
  • Staff will work in allocated spaced areas to promote appropriate social distancing and prevent face to face contact.


  • The fridge- mini bar will be disinfected according to protocols before each arrival, all item replacements will be sanitized